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Yanagisawa Professional Tenor Saxophone – T990u / T990µ

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Yanagisawa Professional Tenor Saxophone - T990u / T990µYanagisawa Professional Tenor Saxophone - T990u / T990µ

I am selling my Yanagisawa T990µ tenor saxophone. This is a professional grade sax and has been well taken care of over time. Despite 15+ years of play time, it is in great shape. The pads are all in near perfect condition and a little tweaking of rods and screws will get this instrument in perfect play-ability for live or studio playing. The bell is engraved, the horn is all gold-lacquered, and this includes the case.This horn has not been played in a few years and may need some basic work, but has been sitting in a hard case the entire time. There is a slight bend on the edge of the bell (as shown in photo), but this is cosmetic and doesn’t impact play-ability or sound. Overall, this is an excellent instrument for aspiring musicians or those willing to spend a bit more for school band. Please contact me for more details. Thanks!

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Item Discovered 10/18/2014
Category Yanagisawa

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